Day Four: Identify Your Audience

Todays assignment is to identify my audience as well as try something new that I haven’t tried yet. I do have to say I would love to add a picture every once in awhile however I am unsure on how to do it. Yes, I’ve looked at WordPress’s “instructions” but they don’t make sense to me for a number of reasons. One of which involves a learning disability. It’s not WordPress’s fault that I have a learning disability. I just wish they would put it into simpler terms to where people who do not understand computers or who may have learning disabilities may be able to comprehend what they are explaining. I do know of people who may be able explain on how to put a picture to my blog at a later time.

Enough of my complaining and back to my assignment of targeting my audience. I think I already have a targeted audience. Well, at least some of my targeted audience. If you have been following and/or reading my blog you know that the focus of my blog is mental health recovery and what it looks like to me as I walk through my recovery. You also know that I want to have more of an educational piece to my blog. Taking blogging 101 is having me think more of the educational piece of my blog and its only the fourth day into the three week course. Now that I have somewhat of an established blogging audience, I need to continue on building that aspect of my blog as well as trying to start building the other half of my audience. That other half are those who do not have a mental illness and wanting to educate them in hopes to lessen the stigma that goes along with having one. It’s always been my goal to give hope to those who have a mental illness that recovery is possible as well as have an educational aspect to those who don’t have a mental illness to lessen the stigma. I hope what I said made sense and didn’t sound repetitive.

I am thrilled that I am taking this course because it is has me refocusing on what I want my blog to be. Granted I wish I was aware of it when I first started blogging but am happy that I am taking it at this point in time of my blogging experience. I have just of year under my belt with blogging and have some experience that is helping with the course. Something is to be said by trial and error learning and am grateful for that. I’m grateful that I am taking this course now.

With all that being said I need to get going for the moment and will blog again tomorrow. Have a wonderful day. Peace out!!!

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