Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Sixteen: Search Your Stats For A Post Idea

I unfortunately was unable to do my assignment for day sixteen of Writing 101 yesterday because I went to work and ended up going home sick. After coming home from work sick, I ended up needing to go to the Emergency Room (E.R.). It turns out that I have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), bladder infection and the starts of a kidney infection.

In fact as I write this particular post, I am suppose to be at work. I feel okay enough to be at work but the doctors in the Emergency Room (E.R.) told me I needed to take today off. Not being able to go to work today is difficult for me. It is difficult because I love my job. Plus, not being able to go into work make me feel like I am not being productive or being a productive member of society.

Now on to day sixteen’s assignment. The assignment ask us to look at our stats for post ideas. In fact I have done this before. I have realized by looking at my stats and reading other’s blogs that titles of the post matter. For instance last Thanksgiving I posted twice. Out of the two post, my Happy Dead Turkey Day post  received the most views, likes, comments, etc. If the title catches the eye of the reader then the reader is more likely to read the post. I also know that if you have a picture involved with a post people tend to read a post. Clever titles and/or post with pictures tend to get the most reads/views.

Now that I have accomplished day sixteen’s assignment, I need to go get my antibiotic for my UTI, bladder infection and kidney infection. Then I will do day seventeen’s assignment and maybe a daily prompt. Peace Out!!!


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