Plans to Make a Better Future

Right now I have a lot of desires to improve my life. Of course my cat Billie Dean helps improve my life. I love him so very much. I know he loves me very much as well. He has kept me stable the last two and half years. I love him so much and wish his dental work wasn’t so expensive.

I am also teaching myself tarot card in hopes it will give me a better direction in my life. I also have a tarot journal to help with it creating a life worth living. A life worth living is something I desire.

Therapy helps build a life worth living as long as doing self help books. I just want to be come a better self even if therapy and self help books are helpful.

Another thing that helps me is applying for jobs a reading. I hope to get a lot done next week. I don’ have much more to say except thank you for reading my blog. it it greatly appreciated from my end of things. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World and have an awesome weekend.


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