Yesterday’s safeTALK Training

Good Evening, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying there week. I realize that I told you all that I would blog about the training yesterday after I finished but I ended up volunteering at the Warm Line last night for two and half hours because the lack of volunteers on. I would have stayed the entire four hours but I needed to go and take care of myself by needing to eat. Now that I have time I will tell you about the training.

The training was “youth specific suicide prevention” but ultimately it can be used for anyone at any age. I felt like it was more of a review than a training due to all the various trainings I have been through due to my job and volunteer jobs. The following are key points from my notes:

  • Suicide is everyone’s business.
  • Suicide is rarely an impulsive act.
  • 5% of the population  in any given two week period think about suicide.
  • Notice the settle stuff when “evaluating the situation.”
  • Ask directly, “Are you suicidal” or “Are you thinking about suicide”
  • People who are suicidal just want someone to listen to them about how they are feeling.
  • The person with thoughts of suicide ultimately have to be a participant in helping themselves.

The above points are just a sliver of the notes I took in the training. I just feel like the above are key points that everyone can comprehend and basic enough that a “normal” person who does don’t work in the mental health field could understand.

Thank you for reading and I hope that the above points are helpful. I am looking forward in sharing with you the notes I take in another suicide prevention training that I will be taking in mid-September. I hope to be able to share with you some key points from that training once I take it and organize the points. I need to get going now. Have a good rest of your evening. Peace out!!