Down Right Discrimination

Living with a mental health diagnosis is not the easiest of task but the discrimination that goes along make it that much more difficult. I bring this up because as I was out and about with my fiancé earlier today, we witnessed some down right discrimination against someone who was obviously struggling with the symptoms of their mental illness. Of course, Junior and myself stepped in to help to help this person. After, educating the people involved and finally able to finding out what the person needed, we were thanked by the person.

I am not telling you this to make myself or Junior look good but to tell you that it happens more than people realize and unless people speak up, it will continue to happen. Discrimination is not only illegal but also sign of ignorance and/or hate for a particular group of people.  Discrimination of any kind toward any group of people is just plain ole wrong.

As you can tell, I am on my soapbox in regards to this issue. Discrimination sucks shit!!! It pisses me off that it even still exists in todays world. You would think that as “advanced” as the human race you would think we could be more compassionate toward each other.

Okay, I am now done with my soapbox or at least for the moment. I should get going for now and will call it an evening. Have a good week and I will blog my weekly goals tomorrow. Peace out everyone!!!