Weekly Goals

It is Monday and time to set my goals for the week. Before, I state my weekly I would like to discuss how I did with last weeks goals. Last weeks goals:

1) Write sponsored child. Yes, I did this. In fact I wrote to her twice.

2) Sign up for shift at the young adult shelter. Yes, I signed up for two evening shifts. I also tried to sign up for an overnight shift but it wouldn’t let me so I’m waiting to hear back from the volunteer coordinator.

3) Start reading Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Yes, I did start reading. Only read the introduction.

4) Figure out what day I want to do for my blogging feature. Yes, I chose Friday.

5) Work on cross-stitching for 15 minutes. No I did not do this. I forgot.

6) Color. Yes I did color.

I figure, I did relatively okay. Five out of six goals accomplished, not bad. Now on to my goals for this week with explanation:

1) Read Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. In all honesty, I think this is going to be a re-occurring goal till I finish the book.

2) Work on Cross-Stitch. Since this was the one goal I did not accomplish last week it is my goal to work on in this week even if it is only for a few minutes.

3) Figure out what topic, I want to do for my blogging feature and pick a start date. Yes, I chose a day on what day I want my blogging feature, I just need to pick out a start date and topic for my first educational feature.

4) Make an appointment for my regular doctor and dermatologist. I need to make a follow up appointment with my regular doctor because of an E.R visit I had. I ended up having a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and need to make sure it has cleared up. I also need to make an appointment with my dermatologist because, I received an email saying its time for my annual visit to get my skin checked out for possible skin cancer. Don’t worry its just a precaution since it runs in my family.

5) Color. Yes, I’m going to color again. It helps relax me.

Thank you for putting up with my goals. They all play apart in my mental health recovery despite what some people may say. It is my recovery not theirs. Recovery looks differently to everyone. I am glad I chose this blogging event. The event I am apart of is on the following link: http://greenembe.rs/2015/08/03/building-rome-week-31-for-2015/ Have a wonderful week. Have a good work week and Peace out everyone!!