Weekly Goals

It is Monday and that means it is the start of another work week. So far the work week started off well. Not only is a start of another week but it’s time to share my weekly goals. Before I share this weeks goals, I would like to share with you how I did with last weeks goals. Last weeks goals:

1)  Read Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Yes, I did read this past week. So far so good.

2)  Work on cross-stitch. Yes, I actually worked on in this week.

3)  Pick a topic and start date for blogging feature. Yes, I picked a topic but I’m choosing to not share it till I post it on my start date which is Friday, September 4, 2015. Yes, I know that’s while but I want to make sure I word my feature just right.

4)  Make an appointment for my regular doctor and dermatologist. Yes, I did make the appointments. This was the most difficult goal I had this past week. Despite how comfortable my doctors try to make me feel, I still don’t like going to the doctors.

5)  Color. Yes, I did color.

I did really well with accomplishing my goals this past week.  Now on to this weeks goals:

1)  Read Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Yes, this is goal again. It will be a goal till I am done with the book.

2)  See my regular doctor on Thursday. This may seem like a simple task but it is difficult for me to do even though I never miss an appointment unless, I’m in the hospital or a family emergency.

3)  Research the topic for my blogging feature. It will take some research.

4)  See my therapist on Thursday. Again, not an easy task and I never miss an appointment. This appointment will be difficult because I need to discuss how much I am missing the babies I lost due to miscarriages.

Thank you for putting up with my weekly goals. They all are geared toward my recovery. I am appreciative of being about of the blogging event over at: http://greenembe.rs/2015/08/10/building-rome-week-32-for-2015/ Thank you for your time. Have a good week. Peace Out!!