Weekly Goals

Good morning!!! It is another Monday and the start of another work week. Not sure how this week is going to turn out work wise but I hope it turns out better for me emotionally. I struggled a little bit last week due to the grieving process with having a miscarriage earlier this year. Now that things are slowly improving with the help of others, let get on to my goals for the week. Like previous weeks I will like to share with you how I did with last weeks goals. Last weeks goals:

1)  Read Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. I did read this week. I did most of my reading when I was on the bus going to and from work or appointments as well as waiting for my appointments.

2)  See my regular doctor on Thursday. Yes, I did see my doctor. My Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is not cleared up. That means I have to take more antibiotics and they are stronger antibiotic than the last prescription. This one I have to take three times a day for one week.

3)  Research the topic for my blogging feature. I did some research on the topic for my blogging feature that I will do every Friday starting September 4th of this year (2015). It was difficult to do the research because I was already emotionally drained from dealing with grief. (No, the topic for the first week of my feature is not on grief or loss or even miscarriage.)

4)  See my therapist on Thursday. I saw my therapist on Thursday. It was a tough session. It ended up being a two hour session instead of an hour. The person who was scheduled after me had called and cancelled so my therapist offered me extra time. I gladly accepted the extra time since I was struggling majorly with grief and loss with the miscarriages. Two straight hours of therapy is quite difficult but it was much needed.

This past weeks goals were quite difficult for me, yet I was able to accomplish them. Now it is time to share this weeks goals:

1)  Read Speaker of the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Like I have said in previous weeks this is going to be a continuing goal of mine till I am done with the book..

2)  Work on jigsaw puzzle. I started a jigsaw puzzle over the weekend. I highly enjoy jigsaw puzzles and it helps me deal with overwhelming emotions, just like reading does.

3)  Work on a self-help workbook; The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook by Matthew McKay, PhD., Jeffery C. Wood, PSY.D., and Jeffrey Brantley, MD. Yes, I have been through Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) but I think it is always nice to have a refresher. Even if it is through a self-help book. My therapist thinks it is a good idea for the refresher part of the DBT self-help book.  (Side Note: If you do a self-help book, I highly encourage you to be seeking professional help as well. A self-help alone is not encouraged because it could bring up issues that you are unaware of that can not replace professional help.)

4)  Hang out with friends. I made an effort last week to make plans with people when I was extremely sad and dealing with overwhelming grief from the miscarriage I dealt with earlier this year. When things start acting up in regards to my mental illness or things become emotionally overwhelming, I tend to isolate. That is why I made plans with friends this week.

5)  Research the topic for my blogging feature. Yes, I will continue to do research for my blogging feature. I will be mainly researching for my first topic for my blogging feature but will also be doing research for future topics.

6)  Do a daily prompt every Tuesday. I got the idea over this past week to do a daily prompt every Tuesday starting tomorrow August, 18th. I got the idea as I was researching topics for my blogging feature. This way, I will be eventually, blogging at least three days week if you include the weekly goals, blogging features and a daily prompt once a week. That way I can make sure that you the follower/reader is not wondering where I disappeared to.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my goals for the week. I know this week I was quite winded with my goals. As you can tell, this weeks goals are obviously geared toward my recovery as well as keeping up to date on my blog. Once again I am appreciative of being part of this blogging event over at: http://greenembe.rs/2015/08/17/building-rome-week-33-for-2015/ Have a great week!!  Peace out!!