Afternoon Ramblings

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am sitting here at day treatment bored half out of my mind. I did get my hair cut which is a good thing. It feels more like a summer cut now.

I am looking forward to what this summer has to bring. Summer is my favorite time of year. The sunny weather actually helps with my depression. I just love the fact that the days are longer and it is warmer outside.

My interview yesterday went extremely well. It went so well that I think I might be getting the part time position. I hope I do get as I miss working a great deal. I miss the clients and being able to be of help to others.

My depression has been acting up and I am just ready for it go the fuck away. Sorry but not sorry for the cussing as it is the best way describe how I feel about the depression. Depression sucks shit but that is why I have skills to help me through the depression.

I am going to get going as other people in day treatment want to use the computer and I have a laptop at home I can use. As always, thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

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