A Fun & Relaxing Sunday

Hello, World!!! It is ten o’clock at night in my corner of the world. I am tired as hell as I did not sleep at all last night and have not been able to take a nap today. Despite being tired due to the lack of sleep I did have a pretty good day.

First and fore most I spent some time with my friends. We went out to lunch and it was great. We had some pretty big plates of food that we were able to share with each other and still bring home some leftovers. I ended up getting some spaghetti which was pretty tasty.

After lunch my friends and I ended up going shopping. We went to several thrift store. I ended up buying myself a beer mug stating “Cheers to 40 Years,” I bought this because I will be turning forty on Thursday. I also bought me a bowl for cereal and two pairs of pajama pants. I included a picture of the things I bought. It featured below

IMG_0443 When I got home from lunch and I shopping I worked on a painting that I started yesterday. I would take a picture of it however I am not ready to show it yet as it is still in the beginning stages of the painting. I love being able to paint as it relaxes me and helps express what I am feeling when I can not express my emotions with words.

I do not have much more to say in this post. I want to thank you for reading my post as it is greatly appreciated from my end of things. Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone. Peace Out, World!!!

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