Everyday Inspiration; Day 3: One-Word Inspiration



Home is where the heart is or at least that is how the saying goes. I don’t know how exactly true it is as if home is where the heart is then I guess I have lots of homes. I am not exactly going to discuss home is where the heart is in this post or last that is not what my plan is.

For me my current home is home to me. Home is currently in Seattle where I live in an apartment that is the longest place I have lived as an adult. Home is also where my beloved cat, Billie Dean, resides with me. So, I guess, for me home is where my cat, Billie is. Coming home to Billie is where the love is. I guess for me home isn’t just where I get the unconditional love from Billie is but a place that I created to be a home that is full of memories of homes past which is why my home is my home.


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