Everyday Inspiration; Day 1: I Write Because…

Good Afternoon, World!!! It is Christmas Eve in my corner of the world and am spending with my dad’s side of the family at the moment. I am doing some WordPress courses to help keep you the readers interested in continuing to follow and/or read my blog.

I started writing my blog for a couple of things. The first reason is to educate people who don’t struggle with a mental health challenge that those of us who do struggle with one that we can be productive members of society. It may not look the same to those who don’t struggle. So, I hope I am able to educate those without a mental health challenge that people like me can prove you that we are productive members of society and hope to lessen the stigma that goes with having a mental health challenge. I also write to give hope to those who struggle with mental health challenges that there is hope and recovery is possible.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you all continue to ready my blog. I will blog again tomorrow so I will see you tomorrow. Peace out, world!!!

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