Cat Cuddles while Doing Artwork while Listening to Podcast and Music

Hello, World!!! this is going to be a short complaining post as I can not sleep here in my corner of the world known as Seattle. I am not sure why I can not sleep but I am have been doing things to help me relax so I can get to sleep.

I did some artwork by coloring. While I colored I listened to an episode of a podcast about philosophy. After listening to the podcast on philosophy,, I decided to listen to my childhood memories playlist as I did artwork my coloring. It cheered me up a great deal.

Of course getting snuggles from my cat Billie Dean is always a plus when I do creative work. I love my cat Billie so much and his unconditional love for me.

I am too tired to continue to writer. I hope everyone has a great night of sleep a head of them. Peace Out, World!!!


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