Sunday Morning Pre-Work Rambling

     It’s another Sunday morning and I am getting ready for work. I don’t really like what time I get off tonight but that’s okay because at least work keeps me busy. I really didn’t want to work today because a friend of mine is singing and the place of worship she attends.

     My friend has the most beautiful voice you ever heard. If she wasn’t such a good friend I wouldn’t have considered setting foot in a church. My friend has stuck by me through thick and thin. She never has shoved her religion down my throat like a lot of other people do. She considers herself a Christian. I’m grateful that she doesn’t judge me that I don’t consider myself a Christian. She understands why don’t. If you have been reading my blog you know why I don’t consider myself as a Christian.

     Now on to other things. I may not like my work shift today but I am grateful that I am able to work. I maybe in a job that I consider dead end but at least I have a job. Their are so many people out there that don’t have jobs or who are unable to work. Yes, I know yesterday I was frustrated with my life that I am not where I want to be in life with my career and that’s I still feel at the moment but I realize that if I keep working at my current employment and searching for jobs in the field that I desire to be in, then the right job will come along.

     Speaking of jobs I need to get going. I need to end this blog entry and finish getting ready for work. Have a great Sunday everyone. Hope to blog again tomorrow.

3 responses to “Sunday Morning Pre-Work Rambling

  1. Stop telling yourself that you are in a dead end job. That’s negative self-talk. Any job that provides income, stability, and structure is a good job. Furthermore, your job may be a great place to stay while you pursue further education. Check out taking just one course in social work, psychology, or peer counseling at a local community college, or look into your local NAMI’s peer-led groups. Once you attend one of their groups, you might be able to train to be a peer group leader.

    • Kitt, I’ve already taken the free training my state offers for peer counseling. I cant afford to take one class at time at a local community college at this time. Fincial Aid only will pay for full time students and I live in a tax credit subsidized housing where only 5 residents can be full time students.

      • Good for you for taking the free training. Have you looked into volunteering for NAMI ( You need only take one step at a time to move forward. Which, you are doing.

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