Just Another Tuesday

     Well another Tuesday is about over with and I am exhausted. I am not sure why I am so exhausted because I honestly didn’t do all the much today. I pretty much hung out with my boyfriend all day. We spent our time just being lazy. We worked on a jigsaw puzzle most of the day. We worked on the jigsaw puzzle till I had to go to my volunteer training for the Warm Line.

     I am enjoying the training immensely. I have another listening in shift tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I can not wait till I am actually taking calls on the Warm Line because I want show people hope and that recovery is possible. Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose in this world.

     Speaking volunteering I am looking forward to my volunteer shift  at the homeless shelter tomorrow. I cant wait to see the clients tomorrow. They give me so much joy and they have no idea that they do.

      Volunteering anywhere gives me a sense of purpose and I think it helps me more than it does the people I help. Giving of your time means so much more than giving of money. Yes, money helps but giving of your time means much more to the person or persons that you are helping.

      My boyfriend spending time with me means more to me than how much money he spends on me. I rather him save his money. I love simple lazy days with him like today. I love that we can work on a jigsaw puzzle and be content with it. We don’t have to go out to some fancy restaurant to enjoy each others company. I love my boyfriend with all my heart.

      Speaking of my boyfriend I should get going because I want some cuddling time with him. Cuddling is always an enjoyable event. Well, enjoy the last 1 hour and 7minutes that is left in Tuesday everyone. Goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace out.

One response to “Just Another Tuesday

  1. Mourning the loss of Robin Williams pains me, too, and that sorrow takes energy. Assisting a woman giving birth in the parking lot with no training in midwifery no doubt exhausted you on many levels — physical, emotional and spiritual. Childbirth is intense. Volunteering at two agencies on top of working, wow! Of course you are exhausted. You earned that exhaustion. It is a normal reaction. Allow yourself the grief. Allow yourself the fatigue. You are doing so well. You give me hope for recovery. Gertie, I cannot thank you enough for the volunteer work you do and for the miracle you helped bring into this world, twins!

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