Life Is About Choices

As many folks around America and most likely the across the world, the dude known as the Affluenza Teen was released from jail the other day. He spent nearly two years in jail on a probation violation. It was his choice’s in life that got him on probation to begin with. Choice’s that should have given him actual time in prison but he chose to use his wealthy upbringing from “not knowing wrong from right” which I think is bogus. It was his choice to drink and drive that led to killing four innocent people.

I bring up the Affluenza Teen because everyone makes choices in their lives. Choice’s that affect other people whether it is a positive or negative choice. For me I have been thinking a great deal about the choice I have personally made in my life. Both the good and the bad. Choice’s I am proud of and choice’s I am not so proud of.

As I end this post about choice’s, I hope you reflect on the choice’s you have made in your life and how it not only affects you but others. Have a wonderful day no matter where you are. Peace Out, World!!!


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