Anxiety Over Job Interview

Hello, World!!! I am having some anxiety over my job interview tomorrow. I think I am more concerned on transportation than anything. Actually, I worry about the bus to get be back to the ferry after the interview as it only runs once an hour. The bus not the ferry.

I know myself well enough that once I am on my way there I won’t be so high anxiety. I say this because riding the ferry is helpful for me. It is one of the skills I have for myself to calm myself the fuck down.

As I am working through the anxiety I realize that I need use some skills. Skills like I have discussed multiple times in past post. One such skill is reading. I am hoping to finish the book soon but I am loving it. Another skill I can do is some art. Specifically, coloring.

Thank you for reading my blog as I go and use my skills. Peace Out, World!!!

Anger Subsided

Good Evening, World!!! I am feeling slightly better than my last post. The anger subsided a great deal. After reading a couple of chapters in my book I realized that I needed to talk with friends so I did. Reading as well as talking with friends helped the anger subside. My therapist gave me a great suggestion of reading.

I need to get going as I realize I am hungry. I need to make dinner. Have a great evening. Peace Out, World!!!

Anger = Call to Therapist

Good Afternoon, World!!! As much as I love my family, they are driving me nuts right now. Driving me nuts over petty shit that I shouldn’t let get to me but I do.

I talked with my new therapist about this and he suggested some things for me to do so I am not so angry with them. The cool thing about everything is that he knew what questions to ask about me and my anger. He now knows that me calling when I am angry is a good. This is a way for me to be preventative to do self harm urges and self harm acts. Thankfully, the anger toward my family didn’t lead to self harm urges which is why I was being preventative.

Something that my therapist and I came up with is to keep my mind busy so reading and books. I found out that my therapist is also an avid reading. His enjoys science fiction and fantasy genres. Knowing something as simple as this helps me with trusting my therapist. Talking about ways to not be so angry and books with my therapist helped lessened the anger a great deal.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World.

First Session With New Clinician

Good Afternoon, World!!! I met with my new clinician today. He is my case manager but we are going to be do therapy work so he is more like a therapist for me. We discussed quite a lot today and my anxiety was put at ease.

One of the main topics we discussed was boundaries. Boundaries about our therapeutic relationship. He appears to have good boundaries.

We also discussed our expectations of the relationship and what I want to work on. He appears to be on the same page as me regarding expectations and my recovery plan. My new therapist is on board with my recovery as well as the recovery movement.

I think I’m going to like this new therapist as he is proving himself already. He is encouraging me to build more structure in my life. He thinks I need more recreation in my life which is true.

Thank you so much for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Tuesday Morning, Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! Today, I have my first one on one session with my new therapist. I am having some anxiety about it however I know it is normal to have some as it an emotion many deal with.

As you may know if you read my last post is that I didn’t get much sleep last night. I only got about two hours. It is two hours more that I got the night before. Sleep is a precious thing that when I get some I cherish it.

Thank you for reading. Peace out, world!!!

Sleepless In Stormy Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! It is two thirty in the morning in Seattle and I am wide awake once again. At least I did get some sleep tonight so that is a plus. I am not going to complain about getting roughly two hours of sleep. It is more than I got last night.

If you were to look outside right now you would not have guessed that it was a beautiful day in Seattle yesterday. It is quite stormy outside as I sit here and write this post. Stormy weather can be enjoyable at times.

I think I am going to binge watch some M*A*S*H. M*A*S*H  is one of my favorite television shows. The comedy and humor in the show helps me a great deal with the symptoms of my mental health conditions.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!