Home From the Emergency Room (E.R)

Good Evening, World!!! I am home from the Emergency Room (E.R). I went to the E.R because I self harmed again. I ended up getting stitches. While in the E.R I used my coping skills. I ended up doing some are work. Specifically, I colored mandala’s. The nurses and social work were impressed with my color scheme of the mandala’s.

The social worker on duty asked what let me to self harm this time and I explained that I dissociated and that is when I self harmed. Dissociation is a problem for me and when I self harm while dissociated it makes it that much worse for me.

Now that I am home, I will be working on one of my workbooks. Not sure which one yet but I will do one. I have found that workbooks help me with my recovery. My therapist likes the fact that I do self help workbooks to help myself and my recovery.

Thank you for reading. Peace out, World!!!

Blogging From the Emergency Room (E.R)

Hello, World!!! As I sit here blogging, I am writing from my laptop on gurney in hallway of an Emergency Room. The reason why I am writing from the Emergency Room is because I ended up self-harming again. I will share what type of self-harm in a later post as I don’t want to trigger anyone at the moment. To be honest with you, I am shocked as hell that the E.R staff are letting me blog at the moment. Maybe it is because they know I won’t do anything to harm myself any further than I have already.

I did use my coping skills box before I self harmed. It did help when I was using my coping skills yet I stopped using them and self harmed. It just proves to me if I use my coping skills I can go without self-harm.

I just wish recovery didn’t have so many relapses. It is non-linear and most definitely  not a straight line. Although it would be easier if it were a straight line. I do have to say this will make me a stronger person even if I don’t want it to.

Thank you for reading. I hope to update you later. Peace Out, World!!!

Tough Evening

Hello, World!!! This evening has been a rough one despite it being a good day. It has been rough because my PTSD. PTSD that appears to not be letting up at the moment. So this is when my coping skills box comes in handy. Skills that will be quite helpful for me to do once I am done blogging.

I think that reading might be a helpful coping skill for me to do right. Reading helps me get out of my head. Reading also helps my PTSD symptoms subside even for a brief moment or two.

Thank you for reading. It is much appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

Successfully, Working Through Struggles

Hello, World!!! I am struggling at the moment yet I am having a good day. I went to the park and did some art work. I did some coloring while I was at the park. It is a beautiful day here in Seattle which is why I decided to go to the park and color. I enjoyed myself. In fact I think I got a slight sunburn as I am a little pink.

After coming home I decided to do some painting. I am going to painting how this sunny weather is making me feel. I am feeling happy at the moment despite my struggles with PTSD.

Thank you for reading and Peace Out, World!!!

So Far a Busy Tuesday

Good Afternoon, World!!! It is early Tuesday afternoon and so far I have done a lot today. One of the first things I did today was work of my mindfulness workbook. I started the first chapter which is on Fear and Mindfulness. I didn’t finish the chapter as I had to get go to get to my therapy appointment on time.

I showed my therapist the coping skills box I made per his suggestion. I also share the paper I wrote. He was impressed by both the box and the paper. More so that I was willing to do both. He now realizes that therapy homework will be beneficial to me and will think of assignments for me to do starting next week.

Another thing that happened today was that I found out that I have a job interview at a community mental health agency for a peer position next Tuesday. This will be a part time job which would be so much better for me than a full time job. I hope I get the job I am interviewing for next Tuesday.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!