Thursday Evening Ramblings

Good Evening, World!!! Today, has been a relatively good day despite dealing with anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression that hasn’t been as bad as it has in recent days and weeks. I owe that to the sunny weather here in Seattle. Sunny weather always helps with the symptoms of my mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Art also has helped with my anxiety and depression lifting. For example creating my coping skills box was an awesome art project for me. Having a specific art project to focus appears to be of help to me even though doing any art is helpful.

Something I think I am going to do after blogging is reading. As I have mentioned before I enjoy reading. Reading has been helpful for me as well to reduce the symptoms of my depression and anxiety.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Sunny In Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! I am sitting here at my laptop staring out my front room window and it is going to be a beautiful day here in Seattle. Sunny days in Seattle are one of the reasons I love Seattle so much. Many people who live in Seattle like to claim it is rainy a dreary more often than it is because we are extremely protective of our city. It is a beautiful city especially when it is sunny outside.

I am pretty sure with it being sunny outside it is going to be of help to my depression symptoms. Symptoms that appear that will not go away. I know eventually that my depression symptoms will subside in time.

One way I have been combating my depression is going walks twice daily. Walking twice daily has helped my depression a great deal. Yes, I walk when the weather is yucky outside. Walking not only helps with my depression symptoms, it also helps with my anxiety symptoms a great deal.

Art has also been helping a lot with both my depression and anxiety symptoms. Doing art helps me express my emotions when I am unable to verbalize it. It may not appear to you that I have trouble verbalizing my emotions but I do and that is why art is so important to me.

Reading has also helped a great deal with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Reading helps me get out of my head and forget my issues in a healthy way for a moment or two. It helps because being able to forget for a few moments gets me in a better mind set.

Thank you for reading. It is very much appreciated from my end of things. Have a great day everyone.  You’re awesome!!! Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 3: One-Word Inspiration


Life is all about choices. Choices that make us who we are today. Some of the choices we have made in life were not all that wise while other choices were wise. I’ve chosen the word choice for my assignment because it is a reminder of the choice’s I have made and will continue to make. We all have choices.

Choices I make today will effect me later on in life. That is why I am attempting to make wise decisions in my life. For example my therapist gave me a “homework assignment” to make a coping skills box and to write a one page paper on how it made me feel making it and why I put what I put in it. I’ve made the box and put some coping items in the box but haven’t written the paper yet. I will write the paper. I am making the choice to do my therapy homework as I know it will help me in the future. A future with hope.