Adulting With A Bit Of Fun

Good Evening, World!!! Today, was a day of adulting. I basically cleaned my apartment today as well as did some grocery shopping. I bought mainly some basic food to get me through to when I get my food stamps in a few days.

When I cleaned my apartment, I listened to music. Music that has helped me get through some tough shit as well some fun time. Music also helps me deal with the boring parts of being an adult like cleaning.

After I was done being an adult I decided to have some fun and read. Reading the book that I informed you about a post or two ago. I love reading as it helps me forget what is going on in life even just temporary.

Thank you so much for reading. Goodnight and Peace Out, World!!!

Looks Like A Night Without Sleep

Hello, World!!! I am having trouble sleeping. Part of it has to do with insomnia while the other part has to do with my noisy ass neighbors.

Dealing with insomnia and noisy neighbors is not a good combination yet I find the ability to see the silver lining to do something positive. I, of course am blogging at the moment. I’ve also did some reading. I think after this I’ll do one of my workbooks.

Hang on there is someone at my door. Who would be at my door at two o’clock in the morning?

Okay, I am back. It was the police asking me about the noisy neighbors and I didn’t even call them. At least they were checking to see if others are being bothered be the noise.

I think I am going to get going at do a workbook. Goodnight and Peace Out, World!!!