Yucky Weather + Depression = Reading

Good Evening, World!!! Right now I am dealing with some increase of depression symptoms. Which is not a good thing because the weather is just yucky outside. Yucky weather doesn’t help with the increase of symptoms.

Since the increase of depressive symptoms and yucky weather I am going to read. Hell, it is perfect weather to be curled up in bed with a good book. A book to help me forget about my symptoms even though I know it is temporary.

In fact it was my therapist that suggested that I read. He works odd hours and I am okay with that as it appears that it fits what I need at the moment. He works five days a week and two of those days his hours are 9am to 5pm while the other three days are 12noon to 8pm. Today is one of those days he is in the office till 8pm. That is why I was able to talk to him this late.

I think I am going to take the suggestion to go and read. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend and Peace Out, World!!!

Nothing Much Exciting To Read

Good Afternoon, World!!! So far today has been an uneventful day. A day full of boredom that thankfully didn’t lead to isolation. As I mentioned in my last post isolation is not a good thing for me. I am grateful that I went to day treatment as I interacted with folks. I went because I have been isolating and Junior is working today.

With all that being said, I am glad I went. I helped make lunch for the folks at treatment and enjoyed cooking. We had chicken stir fry. People appeared to like the food.

I also ended up working on one of my workbooks. The workbook I am working on is my Queer and Transgender Resilience Workbook. It is helping me a great deal with how I view myself as a non-binary, gender fluid, gender queer individual.

I was just finishing up a chapter in my workbook when it was time to do my fifteen minute Friday check-in with my therapist. It ended up being a 45 minute check in as we discussed a little bit about my workbook. We also discussed my med change yesterday and how I felt about it. We also discussed what I was going to do this weekend. We came up with me hanging out with a friend at the stupid mall.

After seeing my therapist, I came home. Now, that I am home I am relaxing before I clean my apartment. I feel like it is getting cluttered again. So I am going to be purging some things. Nobody really like to clean but it is a necessary part of living a life worth living or at least being and an adult.

Thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated al the from drizzly Seattle. Happy Friday and Peace Out, World!!!

Boredom Strikes, Again

Hello, World!!! I am at my mental health center bored half out of my mind. I, technically didn’t have to come in today but decided to do so, so I wouldn’t be isolating. Isolating is not a good thing for me when I am dealing with depression.

As I am sitting here in the computer room of day treatment, blogging I am waiting for my therapist as we have fifteen minute check in’s on Friday. The check in’s can be in person or over the phone. My therapist appears to be invested in my recovery which is good thing. But I don’t know how much he is invested at the moment as our therapeutic relationship just started.

Since I am so bored, I think I am going to schedule some things in to do for next week. Having a regular schedule tends to help me out a great deal. The structure is what I need for my recovery or at least part of my recovery.

Another thing I might do is one of the workbooks I carry around with me. I carry two workbooks with me so when I get bored or am waiting for an appointment, I have something to do.

I better get going and socialize with others as I am here to not isolate. Have are great day and Peace Out, World!!!

A Way To Earn Some Money

Good Morning, World!!! As you may have noticed, there are now advertisements (aka ads) on my blog. This is a way for me to earn some extra money. I don’t know how it exactly works as this is my first month do it and I get paid through PayPal. I’m still trying figure out if it is even worth it for both you my reader(s) and myself. I know for me when I read something online I hate ads because they are annoying as hell yet I understand that people need to make extra cash. What do you my reader think about the ads? How do you feel about the ads? Your input will help me make a decision to keep them or not keep them. The other part of my decision in this is about how much I earn as well.

I figure if earning money and getting it through PayPal will help me out with my online purchases. I say this as I am not a big fan of online shopping but there art supplies as well as other stuff that I can only get online. The online shopping experience seems a bit impersonal for me and sometime what you get isn’t always what you were expecting when it comes to what it looks like online.

I am also thinking about selling some of my art as a way to earn some extra money. My art isn’t all that great but I am sure someone would want it at some point. Not sure if I would sell my art online.

I’m thinking that depending on how much money I make blogging and the possibility of selling my art in starting a small business. Again this is just an idea and most likely wont happen. I am just trying to figure out ways to make money.

Thank you for reading. Happy Friday the 13th. Peace Out, World!!!