Getting Through a Rough Moment

Hello, World!!! I am having a rough moment. A moment that that I know will pass but it feels like it is taking forever and a day to do so. One way I’ll get through this moment is to read. As you know if you read my blog regularly, reading has been one of my go to coping skills lately.

Another coping skill I’ll do and haven’t done in a while is bake. I am pretty sure I will be baking brownies. Baking is something I love doing and am thrilled that I have the items to do. I am choosing brownies because I am wanting chocolate.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!



A Lazy Saturday

Good Evening, World!!! As I write this I am listening to Philosophize This, a podcast on philosophy. I am really enjoying this podcast. I, recently started listening to podcast and this is one that I have started. I decided to start listening to the first one and work my way up to the most current one. I figure if I listen to two to three a day I can get to the most current one by the end of the year.

Besides listening to podcast on philosophy, I’ve been working on my workbooks. Specifically, I have been working on my mindfulness workbook. For me being able to focus on mindfulness has been quite helpful for my recovery process.

Since we are on the topic of mindfulness, I also journaled in my guided journal that focuses on mindfulness. Today’s entry was about mindfulness reminders. So, I got a bunch of sticky notes to remind me to do mindfulness practices.

I have also been focusing a great deal on art today. I have been painting as I listened to podcast. I have also been doing some coloring. For me art is a type of mindfulness practice. It also helps me with expressing my emotions.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! It has been an uneventful week. I do have to say as difficult as therapy is, I am grateful for the suggested homework my therapist gave me this week. My therapist suggested I make a coping skills box and have it be an art project for me so I did. I got a shoe box and decorated it. I had fun making it. I am looking forward to showing it to my therapist.

Something else that I did this week is read. I have been reading a great deal. It has been quite helpful for me to be reading. I am hoping to finish my book soon.

Like I said, I had an uneventful week. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, Word!!!

A Relaxing Saturday

Good Afternoon, World!!! I have been having a relaxing Saturday. I have been watching movies pretty much all day. Movies on Netflix and Hulu. Movies that helped me get into a creative space.

A creative space to be able to paint. I painted while listening to music. I attempted to paint a squirrel. It didn’t turn out as planned but that is okay because the paintings that didn’t turn out as planned are the most original and unique paintings out there. The music playing the background is what helped me keep with the flow of painting.

Now I am going to go take a nap as I am tired. I have only had three hours of sleep in the last two days . Have a great rest of your Saturday. Peace Out, World!!!

It’s the Weekend; Time to Relax

Goo Morning, World!!! After my last post at five o’clock this morning, I finally got some sleep. I only got about three hours of sleep because I woke about about eight o’clock my time but I am okay with only three hours. At least I got some sleep.

Now that it is nine thirty in the morning in my neck of the woods, I am trying to figure out what I am going to do with my day as I need to make sure I am busy. One of the things I’ll be doing is listening to podcast. Specifically, Philosophize This which is about philosophy. Listening to podcast appears to be of help to me.

Another way I will keep myself busy today is by doing art. Not sure what type of art I’ll be doing today but I will be doing something today. Art is relaxing to me and helps me express my emotions when I am unable to identify them.

I, of course will be watching movies as well. I have chosen a handful of movies to watch on Hulu and Netflix. I do this so I have options on what movies I want watch. Since I don’t have cable anymore I have chosen the route of Hulu and Netflix. Having both is about fifty dollars cheaper for me to have.

I think I am going to get going and start off my weekend. Have a great weekend. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 5: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.

Maya Angelou

This hits close to home for me as I know when I am dealing with any type of pain especially emotional pain that I can be a pain in the ass to others. This is why when I am in any type of pain I have to be acutely aware of how I am doing and what I am doing. The last thing I want to do is when I am in pain is to be a burden to others. Plus, when I am in pain and I am kind to others it can show others the kindness that I have.


Got Sleep?!?!

Good Morning, World!!! Right now I am dealing with a major case of insomnia. Insomnia that meds won’t even work for. I took my Ambien right after my last post and well here I am still wide awake. Normally, taking the Ambien works but apparently it is not working tonight and it is frustrating as hell.

As frustrating as it is to not sleep at least I have been able to use my coping skills. Coping skills to help me through the night. The coping skills that I have been doing are art and reading. I have been painting as well as reading The Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. At least my coping skills have been helpful to me tonight.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Peace Out, World!!!

Hoping For Some Sleep Tonight

Good Morning, World!!! It is just after midnight in my neck of the woods and I am tired as hell. I didn’t sleep last night and I am hoping that I get some sleep tonight. For me sleep is important to maintain good mental health.

Something that I have been doing to help myself is art work. I have been painting most of tonight and it appears that it is helping me contain my emotions.

Another thing that has been helping is watching television. I am watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. For me laughter helps me be able to get into a good head space to be able to get some sleep.

I think I will get going and continue to watch Jimmy Fallon. Have a goodnight and peace out world!!!