Not The Way I Desire To Start A Monday

Happy Monday, World!!! I posted my last post approximately four or so hours ago. Give or take thirty minutes. I am still in an Emergency Room, room. They are not sure if they are going to admit me due to the severity of my infection but they do have I.V antibiotics going on me. Now if they can only give me the good pain meds instead of the ibuprofen shit they are giving me.

As much as I wish I was getting stronger pain meds, I want my cat Lil Gertie, here that much more. I miss her very much. I have family and neighbors that will take care of her if I am admitted to the hospital for my stupid infection.

On the plus note, I have my laptop to be to help me keep myself busy and all of you up dated on what the hell is going on with me. Another thing I have is my art supplies with me. Specifically my coloring supplies. This will help me deal with the pain quite a bit more.

I just want to thank you all for reading my blog. I hope your Monday is going far better than mine is. Have a wonderful work week. Peace Out, World!!!

4 responses to “Not The Way I Desire To Start A Monday

  1. I hope they get things sorted out and you are better soon.

    With my own experience with tooth problems, I’ve found that often pain comes from food being stuck in the tooth cavity. If you can, use your tongue to feel it. I have also found swishing around just plain water in my mouth to be best for removing it. I really hope you find relief soon.

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    • I may have poor dental hygiene however why would my face be swelled up and looked like I scraped it. Last time this happened it was some weird facial infection not related to dental care.

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