Random Shit On The Mind

Hello, World!!! I know I keep blogging today however I have a lot of random shit on my mind at the moment. Some of the shit ain’t so random as I have posted it before especially today but it is still quite random.

At this very moment Lil Gertie, my cat, is sitting next to me staring at my laptop screen. I’m wondering if she wants to help and share her thought or is just figuring out what I am going to say next. I love my cat so much. If it wasn’t for support for the last three months I don’t know where I would be at the moment.

I have also discussed a great deal about working and not having a job. And trying to find creative ways to earn extra money while on Disability Checks. One way I have come up with a way to earn extra money though it is not much is having advertisements on my blog. I only make a few cents from it every time someone clicks on an advertisements and it is my hope that you my reader clicks on just one advertisement a day so the few cents can add up to dollars and so on.

Something that has come to mind for me is to start volunteering other places besides as group co-facilitator at peer run origination and a call taker on a help line.  I have thought about helping out with local politicians that are running in the mid-term elections. I figure it would help me with the job resume’ as well as build a community Another things I have done today that will both help the resume’ and build my own community is fill out volunteer application at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and Benaroya Hall which host the Seattle Symphony.

Lil Gertie still seems to be supervising me which mean she wants attention. I better give her some since I’ve been sleep and blogging most of the day. I hope you have the good rest of you Wednesday Evening. Peace Out, World!!!

Nothing But Pain & A Cat That Helps

Good Evening, World!!! At this very moment in time my mouth is in extreme pain. All I have to take for it is ibuprofen. As much as I wish it would help more get rid of the pain, I am grateful that I have my cat, Lil Gertie, to help distract me from the pain. I am looking forward to seeing my doctor on Friday. Hopefully, she will give me something stronger than ibuprofen. Or at least something to take the edge off when I sleep at night. As much as my cat helps lessen the pain the ibuprofen doesn’t conquer, I still have trouble due to the pain.

As much as I am in right now, I am grateful that things could be worse for me especially health wise. I could have a Traumatic Head Injury or a terminal illness. As you can tell, I am attempting to look at the bright side of things. As difficult as it is to look at the bright side of things with my health, I am managing to look at the bright side.

I love my cat so much. She seems to know when it is time for me to take my antibiotics by meowing me a great deal even when she has food and a clean litter box. My cat is one smart kitty. I love my cat so much and I am not sure what I would to without her.

Blogging also appears to be helping me today. It is helping me my mind of the pain even just a little bit. Blogging is also helping me with my mental health symptoms.

I hope to blog more later on. Thank you for reading. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things. You are all freaking awesome. Peace Out, World!!!

Something To Think About

Good Afternoon, World. I have a lot to think about as I continue to play email tag with a potential employer for an interview. Hell, I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I have been thinking about volunteering at more organizations as I continue to find a paying job.

One of things I am thinking about and have already started was volunteering for certain politicians as the mid term elections coming up in November. I don’t always use this particular volunteer experience in all my resume’s for good reasons but I do put them in other resumes’ If helps show a future employer that I am interested in the direction of what policies go into effect in our country then maybe it will be helpful with my career path. Plus, I get to build a community of new friends.

Something I did just today was put a volunteer application for both Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and Benaroya Hall which houses the Seattle Symphony and other events. I am doing to this help build my resume’ as well my community connections.

For me volunteering at places of interest isn’t always about building resume’s, its about building a community to call your own. Weather that be in Arts, Music or Politics. Finding common interest and common ground is what ultimately helps me with getting a job that I desire. It also looks good on the resume’. I hope that for me it builds more of community for me than my resume though it would be helpful to that as well.

I hope that as I end this post that I can give some hope to those who are feeling stuck in the job search like I am. Right now I am not giving up hope in find a place of employment nor a volunteer job.

Thank you for reading my post once again. I hope you continue to read my post. It means a lot to me. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!

Being Jobless Sucks

Hello, again, World!!! Right now, all I can think about besides the pain in my mouth due to some weird mouth infection is how being jobless sucks. Being jobless sucks for many different reasons.  For me it sucks due to the lack of structure in my life. Having structure in my life helps a great deal with the symptoms of my mental health challenges.

Then there is the part of being jobless sucks due to the lack of money. I’m lucky enough to get a disability check but it barely pays the bills. Not having the money to do the things you enjoy are want in this world sucks however it has helped me become more appreciative of what I do have. It’s helped me become more creative on other ways to create and have fun and adventure in this world without having little to no money at all. The one thing I really want money for right now is a tattoo. Yes, that is a first world problem however I can still dream about getting another tattoo till I am able to get a job to get the money to get another job.

On a plus note, being jobless has its benefits. It has helped me get some physical health needs taken care of before going back to work. Taking care of one’s health is a must if one wants to job. I just wish my current health issue wasn’t so painful.

I am still applying and looking for jobs as I sit here and complain about being jobless. I became jobless because I resigned from my much loved job as a Peer Specialist due to the severity of my symptoms of mental health challenges. In fact I am still playing email tag with a potential employer about setting up an interview for sometime next week. I just hope the person hurries up and gets back to me sooner than later.

At least I am not giving up hope on finding job even if it is not exactly a Peer Specialist position. Just as long as it’s in a field I know I will enjoy that will be help me get another job a Peer Specialist. I hope I do find the right job for me that is preferably part time at the moment.

Thanks for reading my blog. It means a great deal to me. Peace Out, World!!!

Just Another Boring Post

Hello, World!! I know I just posted about an hour ago however, I am bored and felt like just writing about stuff. Stuff that will be repetitive as I have post about it before and other stuff that is not so interesting.

Let’s start off with the advertisements on my blog. I have advertisements on my blog to make a little extra money. It’s not much but it is something. All people have to do is click on the advertisement and I earn a few cents. I know this might be asking a lot from you but can you all click on the advertisements if you see them. I am saving up the money to help pay for gifts for my family during the holidays.

Now on another repetitive topic of blogging. I am wanting to make more of an effort to blog more. I also want to reach more people however I am unsure of how to do that. Yes, I use tags and attempt to put different tags on topics I discuss so I can get more readership that way. I also post my post to social media accounts and hope that I get more readers that way. I am not really worried about how many “followers” I have, I just want to reach more people so I can help lessen the stigma of mental health challenges as well as give people hope who do struggle with mental health challenges.

Today, is going to be one of those low key days where I am doing nothing. By doing nothing I mean doing things that are good self care for me. Most of which are creative.

I plan on doing some art work. Most likely I will be coloring and collaging and maybe combining the two genre’s of art. I might even paint a little today but not too sure yet. I need to see what paint I may need. If I need certain paint then I will need to go to the art supply store and buy some paint. That however takes money that I may not be able to spend at the moment. Which reminds me I need to look at my budget to see if I can buy more paints and canvasses ,

Another thing I plan on doing is writing some music. I play the flute and harmonica and think it would be fun to write some duets for both instruments to play together. I know it sounds odd but I think writing the right piece for a harmonica and flute duet would be cool.

The other thing I plan on doing today is to read. I will read both the novels I am reading as well as some comic books. I most likely will finish one of the novels today or tomorrow. When it comes down to reading comic books, I will most likely be reading Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is my favorite comic book. I do like to read other comic books but Wonder Woman is my go to comic book.

I think I bored you enough with this post so I am going to end it for now. Hopefully, I will be able to find time to blog again later today. It seems like if I blog more, the more my readers will see what I have to say next. Well, have a good Wednesday. Peace Out, World!!!

Nothing Much To Say

Hello, World!!! I sit here wondering if I should have kept my appointments with my vocational (employment) specialist and therapist. I have a feeling that I am going to regret cancelling however the mouth infection I have is making it difficult to talk due to the pain of the infection. You would think that the doctors at the hospital would admit me to the hospital for I.V antibiotics but they say it’s not “severe enough” which maybe I need to be grateful for. Another thing I am grateful for despite poor dental hygiene is that the infection has nothing to do with my dental health. I do see my regular doctor on Friday for this stupid infection that fucking won’t go away.

On a side note I have been playing email tag with a potential employer about setting up an interview for sometime next week. It would only be one to two shifts a week which would equal twelve to twenty four hours a week. The shifts are twelve hours due to it being an overnight shelter for homeless young adults.  Working with people who are currently and/or formally homeless is a passion of mine and really hope that I get this job. Yes, I know that the interview hasn’t been set up yet but at least that is in the works. Dealing with homeless individuals for me is easy because all they want are the basics in life.

Thank you for reading. It is very much appreciated from my end. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Peace Out, World!!!