Nothing But Pain & A Cat That Helps

Good Evening, World!!! At this very moment in time my mouth is in extreme pain. All I have to take for it is ibuprofen. As much as I wish it would help more get rid of the pain, I am grateful that I have my cat, Lil Gertie, to help distract me from the pain. I am looking forward to seeing my doctor on Friday. Hopefully, she will give me something stronger than ibuprofen. Or at least something to take the edge off when I sleep at night. As much as my cat helps lessen the pain the ibuprofen doesn’t conquer, I still have trouble due to the pain.

As much as I am in right now, I am grateful that things could be worse for me especially health wise. I could have a Traumatic Head Injury or a terminal illness. As you can tell, I am attempting to look at the bright side of things. As difficult as it is to look at the bright side of things with my health, I am managing to look at the bright side.

I love my cat so much. She seems to know when it is time for me to take my antibiotics by meowing me a great deal even when she has food and a clean litter box. My cat is one smart kitty. I love my cat so much and I am not sure what I would to without her.

Blogging also appears to be helping me today. It is helping me my mind of the pain even just a little bit. Blogging is also helping me with my mental health symptoms.

I hope to blog more later on. Thank you for reading. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things. You are all freaking awesome. Peace Out, World!!!

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