An Extremely Lazy Sunday

Good Evening, World!!! It is ten o’clock at night in my neck of the woods known as Seattle. I literally have done nothing all day be eat, sleep and read Wonder Woman comic books. I mostly slept all day. I wish I didn’t sleep all day because it screws up with my sleep hygiene; sleep schedule.

I’m starting to get worried about my sleep schedule because I am wondering it is mainly due to getting over Covid-19 or if depression symptoms are starting to creep back in. No matter the reason, I just want to be back on my normal sleep schedule. If it is because of depression, I will need to let both my physical and mental health teams be aware of it. As far as the Covid-19 shit messing with the sleep, I know it’s normal for some people to feel extremely fatigue that it makes them sleep more than they usually do.

As far as when I have been awake today, I’ve been in bed cuddling with my very sweet kitty, Billie Dean. In fact I joke around with people that I sleep with a man every night name Billie. Not my fault people don’t pick up on the joke especially when they know I have a male cat. Billie is such a cuddle but and a pain in the butt at times.

While being in bed most of the day cuddling with my precious cat, Billie, I have been reading comics. Specifically comic books. To be more specific, I have been reading Wonder Woman comic books. In fact the back story of me becoming a Wonder Woman fan was because of my dad who was a single dad. Long story short my mom abandoned both my dad and myself in the middle of the night when my dad was working a night shift leaving me home by myself at the age of three. I know my mom left a note but since I couldn’t l read it I called my grandparent phone number which I was required to memorize. Anyway, my mom left both me and my dad because she couldn’t handle dealing with a man with a TBI working on sobriety and a daughter dealing with hearing impairments and speech delays. Even though I had my paternal grandmother as a female role model, my dad with his intellectual disabilities and TBI know he was not able to read due to is disabilities he wanted to make sure I had a role model to look up to even if it was/is a fictional one. So at the age of them three my dad started buying me Wonder Woman comic books. As I grew older and learned how to read, I would read two to three Wonder Woman comic books to my dad as part of our bedtime routine. I may still be sad my dad was not able to read bedtime stories to me but am grateful that we looked and Wonder Woman comic books as apart of our bedtime routine which turned into me reading them to my dad once I was able to read. Yes, my grandparents did help with me learning to read but watching my dad full of pride with me reading is something I will never forgot.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog post except the my dad making sure I learned to read despite him not being able to read makes my heart happy and grateful. I would like to thank you for reading my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reading reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you the reader do read my blog. Again, from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

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