Everyday Inspiration; Day 3; One-Word Inspiration


I chose the word choice because we all have choices to make. Some are good and some are not so good. For example I had and interview for a job and told them yes when they offered me the job the next dey. I really ant this job; its the commute I am not not a big fan of. Even I have taken the job and haven’t started yet, I am still applying for other jobs that are closer to home and pay more.

Worse care scenario I make a decision of taking a job closer to home and pays more money. The think about this job that I took was be cause the HR lad who works there work at the job I was laid of from. In fact I admire her.

In all honesty I don’t ant to make the choice of making a job change especially if I haven’t started yet or just start the job. It is a choice I will have to decide on if it comes up.


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