Tough Day = Doing Things I Enjoy

Good Afternoon, World!!! I’ve been having a tough day. That means I’m doing my best to do the things that I enjoy doing. Things that bring me joy.

As many of you know art brings me joy. Its not just creating art that brings me joy its being able to give it away to individuals that mean something to me as a person. I just finish a painting for me case manager. My case manager hasn’t given up on me when she could have transferred me to another clinician but hasn’t done so. That’s why I am giving her a piece of my art.

Another thing that brings me joy is reading. I enjoy it because it helps me focus on something else other than being stuck in my own head. That’s why I love reading so much. Being able to be absorbed in a book is helpful to one’s imagination and not focus on what the realities of the world.

While creating art for my case manager and reading to get out of my head, I listened to music. I  love being able to enjoy music as I am being able to do things that bring me joy. Doing things that bring me joy is quite helpful for me and my head space.

Thank you for reading my blog. Its much appreciated!!! Peace Out, World !!!

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