Nice Relaxing Day, Thus Far

Good Afternoon, World!!! Its been a nice relaxing day, thus far. I’ve been reading most of the day. I’ve either been reading Wonder Woman comic books or Ship of Magic. It appears that I have some form of addiction to reading as of lately. Maybe its because I’ve been struggling so badly the last year that reading has been a challenge for me and now that things are improving; I’m taking full advantage of reading.

As much as I have been reading today, I have done other things as well. Junior and I have worked on the Wonder Woman puzzle I got for Christmas that my brother Jay got me. Anyone who knows me know that I love Wonder Woman and jigsaw puzzles.

As I continued working on the puzzle Junior made an awesome Mexican dish he learned from his grandma. Junior is second generation born Mexican American on both his mother’s and father’s side. The Mexican dish we had was amazing and we have enough left over for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Now that we are done cleaning up after a late lunch Junior and I are going to watch movies for the rest of the day. We are going to watch Wonder Woman first. Then we are going to watch Suicide Squad. Both movies Junior and I love both movies and are looking forward to watching them.

I should get going so I can watch the movies with Junior. I hope every has a great Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Peace Out, World!!!



Poetry; Day Three: Friends


by Gertie

Friends become family. A chosen family

Rare as it is, some even risk their own life for you.

It never ceases to amaze how close chosen family be.

Even thought there are an argument or two,

Nothing can get between our chosen family.

Dependability is something that is always counted on when times get bad.

So here’s to those friends who have become family.



A Tough Morning Turning Into A Relaxing One

Good Morning, World!!! I woke up this morning with an increase in my Depression and PTSD. When I realized this I realized what I needed to do. I needed to start my morning routine instead of just laying around.

So, I made some tea, read the news paper, had a bowl of cereal and took my meds. As always the news paper had nothing but bad news in it. I would like to be able to read some positive or heartwarming stories more often. I know of course I’m not the only one who feels like this.

After my morning routine I decided to read some comic books. Specifically, I read Wonder Woman comic books. I spent about an hour reading about a dozen Wonder Woman comic books. I’ve been collecting Wonder Woman comics since I was about six years old.

After reading Wonder Woman comics I decided to read Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. I am really enjoying this book. When I am finished with this book I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series. Below is yet another picture of the book I am reading with two of my stuffed animals.

IMG_0247Well I think I’m going to get going and get back to reading. Have a great day everyone and Peace Out, World!!!