Tough Moment = Reading Wonder Woman

Good Morning, World!!! It’s a beautiful sunny, frigid day in Seattle with snow on the ground. As beautiful as it is outside, I am emotionally not doing so well at the moment. I think part of it has to do with not being able to sleep for the last two nights.

As, I struggle to sleep I think I am going to read some Wonder Woman comic books as it is helpful to me. Plus it’s quite enjoyable to read comic books. I am happy that I have a dad that got me collecting Wonder Woman comics as it is something I can do for the rest of my life.

I am going to go and read. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 10: Let the Scene Write Itself

As I look out the west window of my living room, I notice that the sun is attempting to come out from behind the clouds. I quickly realize there is a bald eagle sitting in the tree outside my window looking in. I’m wondering to myself what he wants but realize that the eagle is paying attention to a squirrel on a lower branch of the tree.

I quickly turn my attention to my living room as the eagle went after the poor squirrel. I see my art supplies and a canvass or two waiting to be painted. I’m wondering if I should paint the eagle and squirrel in the tree. Wouldn’t be the best painting in the world but would be a reminder of what I saw today.

I continue to scan my living room and see music sheets on the floor. I really need to pick those up or practice the music on my flute. What music piece would I practice? I think I need to put playing my flute into my daily schedule.

I look at my couch and see the book I am reading. I really want to finish the book as soon as possible. Its not that difficult to take time out to read a few chapters a day. Oh how I love to read.

I look over to see what time it is on my Wonder Woman clock and it says 12:34pm. I’m thinking it’s time to eat some lunch. Thanks!!! Peace Out, World!!!

PTSD Can Phucking Go To Hell

Good Evening, World!!! My PTSD is acting up because of the assault that happened last night. I was able to talk to Gilbert earlier about what happened and we came up with a safety as a preventative measure. A preventative measure as just in case I get self harm urges at some point today.

One of the things we came up with was music. I can play my flute or harmonica if it’s before ten o’clock at night. I can also listen to music. As I mentioned before when words fail music speaks and I find this to be true.

Another thing I can do is art. Art has become a very helpful (and healthy) skill to have for me. Art is a way for me to express my emotions in a positive way.

The last thing we came up with was reading as it helps me get out of my head. Gilbert and I discussed reading my book as well as Wonder Woman comic books. We discussed superhero’s and how they relate to recovery.

Thank you for reading. It is appreciated. Peace Out, World!!

Blogging + Wonder Woman = A Life Worth Living

Hello, World!!! So far today hasn’t been the easiest of days for me due to the assault I experienced yesterday evening. I am attempting to use my DBT Skills. One skill I am using right this moment is blogging. Another skill I have been using is reading. I have been reading Wonder Woman comic books.

For me both blogging and reading Wonder Woman comics for me is just two of many things in my life that make my life worth living. A life worth living looks differently to each individual. For me its blogging, Wonder Woman and many other things.

I want to thank you for reading. I am going to go and read more Wonder Woman. Peace Out, World!!!

Still Sleepless in Snowy Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! I am still sleepless in Seattle. On the plus note I get to see the snow falling without worrying about needing to go out into it. Or at least not to later on. It is three o’clock in the morning and I don’t have to go out into till eleven o’clock in the morning when I go spend time with family. Snow in Seattle doesn’t happen all to often. We did have a White Christmas which is always a good thing. I am not a big fan of snow but I can’t deny that it’s not pretty because it is beautiful especially when you don’t have to go out into it.

Something I have been doing besides watching the snow fall is reading. I have been reading Wonder Woman comic books. I love being able to curl up with a few comic books, drinking hot chocolate on a cold winters morning. Yes, it’s the middle of the night morning but it’s still morning.

Another thing I have been doing is doing a Wonder Woman jigsaw puzzle. I love puzzles. this puzzle is one thousand pieces and quite challenging. Maybe when I finish with it, I will take a picture of it and post it.

I should get going and try to sleep. Have a great day everyone Peace Out, World!!!


Oh, How I Want To Sleep

Good Morning, World!!! All I want to do is right now is sleep. Right now as I blog, I am listening to some jazz music. Jazz music reaches my soul unlike any other genre of music.

Something else that I have been doing is reading. Tonight I have been reading a history text book and the part of history I am reading about happens to be the history of jazz. Kind of ironic that I am listening to jazz music. I have also been reading some Wonder Woman comic books. Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. It appears that reading has been quite helpful for me the last few weeks especially the last few days since my grandma’s death.

I think I am going to go and read some more Wonder Woman while listening to some jazz music. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! As I sit here at my laptop thinking about the sleep I got. Not the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep. I woke up this morning with drool on the Wonder Woman comic book I was reading last night. I fell asleep reading it and ended up getting good quality of sleep despite only get three hours of it.

Something I did last night besides reading and sleeping was watch the Olympics. For me watching the Olympics is helping me hold on to the hope that I finally got back when I was on an inpatient unit back in January. The Olympics not only brings hope to the world but brings it together like nothing else in the world.

I think I am going to get going. Thank you so much for reading. It is greatly appreciated from my end. Happy Weekend. Peace Out, World!!!