Poetry; Day Six: Screens

Untitled Poem

by Gertie

At first its like a movie. A movie that wont stop.

A movie that cant be put on pause.

A movie that makes you feel like you a re-experiencing what’s in the movie.

A re-experience nobody wants to deal with to begin with.


A Day of Information

Good Morning, World!!! Today is a going to be a day of “information” for those of us that live in the United States. What I mean by that is that this evening is the State of the Union address. I rarely watch them because its the same bullshit every year.

Something that won’t be the same bullshit for me today is that I will be having a phone interview. I’ve never had a phone interview before and hope that I do well on the interview. It’s for a peer specialist job. I am looking forward to the future and have hope.

Having hope is a major deal for everyone especially for those who are in recovery. Recovery is something that is really important for me. Being in recovery no matter how tough it may be is well worth it. It means I’mĀ living a life worth living.

Thank you for reading. Peace, Out World!!!