A Day of Adulting

Good Morning, World!!! Today is going to be a day full of adulting. It is my plan to do some chores today. Specifically household chores. I also have to pay my credit card bill but that is a simple as eating apple pie.

I am not a big fan of doing chore yet I know it is a necessary part of life. A part of life for me that is conducive to my recovery. It always makes me feel better when I accomplish things especially when in comes to having a clean apartment. I’m not a messy person it is just me wanting  to feel good for my birthday tomorrow. We all feel better when our place of residence is clean even if we aren’t necessarily messy folks.

Now it is time for me to go and adult. Have a great day!!! Peace Out, World!!!

3 responses to “A Day of Adulting

  1. I’m not a particularly messy person either. But, sometimes, I just find myself wanting to clean. I’ll usually dust things, disinfect, catch up on laundry/dishes, thoroughly vacuum. I use an extension cord when I vacuum that way I only have to plug it in twice. It saves time and hassle. You can continuously vacuum that way. I also like to have a schedule where I try to focus on a few rooms each day of the week:

    Sunday: living room/family room
    Monday: dinning room/kitchen
    Tuesday: gym room/office
    Wednesday: hallways/entryways/ laundry room
    Thursday: bedrooms
    Friday: bathroom
    Saturday: break/ sabbath

    I try to do my daily schedule when I can. But, like you, I often have issues with sleeping as well. Trying to maintain a daily schedule/tasks can help though.

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