Almost a Peaceful May Day

Hello, World!!! Well, the protest made it to my neighborhood. There is major property damage in near by businesses. I don’t understand why people think it is okay to do property damage. How is their agenda going to be heard with violence. I know I don’t hear their message. They even damaged a local veterinary clinic. What kind of person does that?

Other than being pissed protesters did property damage, I am doing okay. Yes, I am still having some anxiety issue but they are not as severe as yesterday. I highly dislike having anxiety yet I have learned from the anxiety. Learned that I need to persevere through it.

Thanks for reading. Have a great night. Peace Out, World!!!

One response to “Almost a Peaceful May Day

  1. It’s been a rainy and cold day here in Vegas, with 8 inches of snow in the mountains 45 mins. out of town.

    Someone died in a horrible car crash right on the intersection where I used to live today.

    I also found out a rockabilly DJ friend died in a car crash in Louisiana. He was rushed to the same exact hospital my mom, a nurse, used to work at. I used to attend his vintage karaoke nights. He had a way of making people feel included. He’ll truly be missed.

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