Depression Strikes, Again

Good Evening, World!!! Right now I am struggling with depression and anxiety. I am not sure why as it was an overall good day. Symptoms come at the most inopportune time especially those associated with PTSD.

I have been doing my workbook on mindfulness. It has been quite helpful for me working this workbook as well as the other workbooks I am doing. I am finding that using mindfulness is helping me with my reactivity and how I respond to things.

I also ordered three Star Wars books from Amazon as they were giving deals on Star Wars stuff. I got one of the books for free. I am looking forward to reading the Star Wars books as I am a huge fan of the Movies.

Speaking of reading I read today as well. I am finally getting some where in one of the books I am reading. It is finally getting good. I love to read.

Thank you for reading. May the 4th be with you. Peace Out, World!!

Late Morning Ramblings

Hello, World!!! I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do with my day. I was suppose to go to a baseball game but the person who had the tickets gave them to a family who had never been to see a baseball game. I couldn’t be more proud of my friend as she did it out of love and compassion.

Life has a way to make you think. As much as I wanted to go to the baseball game to not have to deal with my reality of money and Social Security. Yes, I am worrying a little about it right now but I know in reality it is going to all work out.

I am loving my weighted blanket. It is proven money well spent. I slept well because of it last night. If you have the money to get one I recommend you get one if you have trouble with sleep and/or anxiety.

Thank you for reading!!! Peace Out, World!!!

May the Fourth Be With You

Good Morning, World!!! I woke up this morning from a nightmare. A nightmare that is a symptom of PTSD. Dealing with childhood drama as an adult is difficult to do but it is possible to lessen the pain with a lot of therapy.

I may have woken up from a nightmare but I got about six hours of sleep. I owe the amount of sleep due my new weight blanket. I am in love with the weighted blanket.

Today is May 4th and is a day Star Wars fans celebrate here in the United States. May the Fourth be with you represents May the force be with you from Star Wars. I love Star Wars.

Thank you for reading. May the fourth be with you. Peace Out, World!!!

Midnight Ramblings

Hello, World!!! It is midnight in my corner of the world. I am up watching television. Actually, I am watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I watch this show as it helps with my anxiety especially before I go to bed for the night.

Another thing that helps with my anxiety is the new weighted blank I got today. I really recommend it as it appears to be helpful. Or at least the twelve or so hours I have had it. I didn’t think it would be helpful and boy was I wrong.

I have been working on one of my workbooks. In fact I have been working on the workbooks that deals with mindfulness. Focusing on mindfulness as been quite helpful when I am dealing with.

I think the Ambien is starting to kick in. I think I should get some sleep before I get a little loopy from the Ambien.

Thank you for reading. It is very much appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!