More Ramblings

Hello, World!!! I am blogging write now just to get things off of my mind. Stuff that isn’t all that important but stuff I just want to ramble on about. I realize people might not want to hear (or read) me ramble about shit but you don’t have to read if you don’t want to. Yes, I am having an attitude at the moment.

Let’s forget the attitude I am having and get on with talking. I really hope I get the job I had the interview for yesterday (Tuesday). I want the job for a multitude of reasons. One; is it will give me something to do. Two; it would give me more money. Three; and the most important, I will be able to help folks.

I brought up the money thing and I know it’s not the most important thing out there however it is nice to have extra in the bank. At least it is something that isn’t worrying me as much as it was.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Wednesday Afternoon Rambilings

Hello, World!!! As, I mentioned in my last post I went out to lunch with some friends. Spending time with friends helped my anxiety a great deal. I am beyond grateful that spending time with friends helped me and my anxiety.

After coming home from lunch I attempted to take a nap due to not getting sleep last night. I, unfortunately, was unable to sleep due to the fire alarm going off again. This time it wasn’t a false alarm like it normally is. Someone had a grease fire from cooking. Not sure what they were cooking but I am sure it is not edible now.

Now, I am going to reading one of the books I am reading. A book that I am enjoying immensely. I encourage you to read Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb.

Have a great afternoon. Thank you for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!

Late Lunch With Friends

Good Afternoon, World!!! I spent time with friends. We met at Red Robin and ate there. I had my usual, The Whiskey Bar-be-Que Burger. I love Red Robin and spending time with my friends.

We discussed what we were doing with our lives like we always do. We mainly discussed are careers and education. I discussed my job interview yesterday and how I feel that I nailed it. I hope I really get the job. One of my friends discussed her getting into the University of Washington (UW) school of Social Work to get her masters degree. She says I was her “inspiration” to get into social work.

We also discussed the baseball game we are going to this Friday. They are rooting for the Seattle Mariners while I will be rooting for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I being from Anaheim will root for the Angels no matter what.

Thank you for reading!!! Peace Out, World!!!!

Fighting Off High Anxiety

Good Morning, World!!! I am have some high anxiety again. Anxiety that appears to come and go as it pleases. I just don’t understand why it is so high lately. I think part of my high anxiety today is due to not sleeping. Having no sleep adds to my symptoms of the mental health diagnosis I struggle with.

I think I am going to be working on one of my workbooks. I am not sure which one yet but I will be working on one of them. They appear to be helping me in multiple ways. They are helping me better myself.

Another thing that has been quite helpful as of lately is reading. I am really enjoying the books I am reading. Yes, I am reading multiple books. I am enjoying them immensely.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Back From The Emergency Room

Good Morning, World!!! I am back from the emergency room (ER). They gave be some other meds to help me sleep. They want me to try to get sleep without the meds first. I will try to take a nap but wont take the meds till tonight. The doctor wants me to contact my mental health treatment team which I am going to do. I just want to sleep.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Wanting The Oh So Elusive Sleep

Good Morning, World!!! It is now five thirty in the morning for me. I still haven’t gotten any sleep. Sleep that I am desperately wanting and needing. I finally took some Ambien and it didn’t fucking work. It usually does and it is frustrating the hell out of me that I can not get some fucking sleep.

I am so frustrated that it is putting me in crisis mode. Enough of a crisis mode that once I am done blogging, I am going to take myself to the Emergency Room (E.R). I will be okay, I just need someone to fucking hear me on how fucking frustrating getting no sleep is. Right now I think going to the E.R is the best bet. I don’t want to concern you all. I just wanted to let you know what is going on. I know I will be okay, I just need to get the sleep thing taken care of.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Is It Too Much To Ask For Sleep

Good Morning, World!!! It is three o’clock in the morning and I haven’t been to sleep yet. I have been keeping myself busy by reading. Reading appears to be of help to me. Especially on nights where I am unable to sleep. Reading is so much more fun than watching middle of the night television. Television that is nothing but infomercials.

I have also been working on my workbook. A workbook that is geared toward folks with insomnia who struggle with depression and anxiety. I am only on the first chapter but so far I am finding it helpful.

I am grateful that I have the abilities to help myself through not being able to sleep. Yes, insomnia suck shit but I am able to help myself. I am able to help myself by reading, doing workbooks, blogging and other such things.

Thanks for reading. I hope to be able to get some sort of sleep. Have a great morning even if it is still the middle of the night for you. Peace Out, World!!!