Almost a Peaceful May Day

Hello, World!!! Well, the protest made it to my neighborhood. There is major property damage in near by businesses. I don’t understand why people think it is okay to do property damage. How is their agenda going to be heard with violence. I know I don’t hear their message. They even damaged a local veterinary clinic. What kind of person does that?

Other than being pissed protesters did property damage, I am doing okay. Yes, I am still having some anxiety issue but they are not as severe as yesterday. I highly dislike having anxiety yet I have learned from the anxiety. Learned that I need to persevere through it.

Thanks for reading. Have a great night. Peace Out, World!!!

May Is Mental Health Month

Hello, World!!! May is mental health month. Today, is the first day of mental health awareness month. I hope that I can have at least one educational piece about mental health each day of this month. I can’t promise I will be able to do so but I can at least try.

My goal for mental health month and beyond is to help lesson the stigma about mental health. For me stigma is one of the biggest issues that we who have a mental health diagnosis struggle from beside our symptoms of the illness as the the side effects of meds.

Thank you for reading and hope you can help me with fighting the stigma that goes to having a mental health challenge. Peace Out, World!!!

It’s Been A Good May Day

Good Evening, World!!! Today has been a great day. I, of course went to my job interview. I feel like I nailed it. It well off really well or I thought it did.

Another thing I did today was meet with one of the politicians that serves the area I live in. I discussed with him about the recovery and peer support. He appeared highly interested in both. In fact our meeting last about an hour.

When I got home I emailed my other politicians about the same thing I discussed with the politician I met with today. Except I left it short and sweet. It is my hope that I can meet up with one more politician before the end of May but I know realistically won’t happen.

Thank you for reading. I feel satisfied with what I did for May Day 2018. Peace Out, World!!!

I Should Be In My Job Interview

Good Afternoon, World!!! As this is posting I should be in my interview. My interview is suppose to start at twelve noon and I am unsure if my interview started on time. I say this as I scheduled this post.

When I wrote this post I was (or am) writing to help with some anxiety. Anxiety that is related to the job interview. I know it is normal to have anxiety when dealing with a job interview. I do not think I know anyone who doesn’t have some anxiety with job interview anxiety.

Thank you for reading!!! Peace Out, World!!!

May Day Plans

Good Morning, World!!! This post is different from my last post. I won’t be discussing my job interview nor the anxiety that goes with it. The exception is that it is part of my May Day plans. A minor part of my May Day plans.

Not only is today May Day but it is the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month. So, as many people protest and/or march for whatever reason they choose to; I am not going to do either. I am going to be emailing my politicians about mental health and set up meetings with them for sometime this month if they are able to do so. In fact I already have a meeting with my state senator today after my job interview. It was kind of a fluke on how it happened but it happened it is scheduled for the first day of Mental Health Awareness month. What better what to start the month that meeting with your state senator than to discuss mental health and the service people need. As I mentioned earlier I also am emailing my other politicians and hope to plan a meeting with them for sometime this month. Realistically, I know it might not happen but it sure is worth a try especially since it is mid-term election year.

So here is to being able to educate politicians about mental health even if it is through email. Have a great day. Happy May Day and Peace Out, World!!!

Pre-Interview Anxiety

Good Morning, World!!! My anxiety has subsided a great deal from this time yesterday. Do I still have anxiety at this moment? Yes, I do except I am pretty sure it is not left over from yesterday.

I am pretty sure it is not left over from yesterday because I am have a job interview today. So, the anxiety I am feeling at the moment has a lot to deal with the job interview and nothing to do yesterday.

Something that has been quite helpful since I got up this morning has been music. Listening to music has proven helpful to me as it reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure in me. I was part of a study to see how music can be of help to peoples mental health and they found it lowered my anxiety, depression and the plus part of it all, my blood pressure. My blood pressure doesn’t need to get any lower as it is naturally low any way.

Thank you for reading. I am most likely going to blog at least once more before my interview. Peace Out, World!!!