Mr. Sandman, Where Are You?

Good Morning, World!!! I have yet to get to sleep despite trying. Lil Gertie has been helping me through some anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks that can be debilitating. I don’t think my anxiety is causing me to not sleep however it something to discuss with my therapist.

I have been reading as this time of morning there is nothing on and don’t feel like doing much of anything else. I have been reading a book I put down a few months ago and decided to start reading it again.

I am thinking I am going to get going as I want to try to get some sleep before I need to get up. I just wish I knew were Mr. Sandman was so I could sleep. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Good Morning, World

Good Morning, World!!! I woke up in a depressive state.  A state that I can get out of by the time DBT group happens at one in the afternoon. I am also having some pretty high anxiety at the moment. Anxiety and depression I don’t know why I am having. I have a theory or two but at this point in time I am attempting to do what I need to do to focus on getting out of this anxious and depressive mood.

I’ll hopefully be able to check-in with my therapist today as I think I will  need one due to the anxiety and the depression I am dealing with. I think I am dealing with them due to not getting very much sleep last night. Not sure why I didn’t get very much sleep but that is one of my theories about the anxiety and depression. Checking in with my therapist is something that will help me with this as I want to act effectively when I go to group.

I am looking forward attending DBT group as I am done with my homework. We had to do a chain analysis as well as a diary card. The diary card is no big deal but the chain analysis was the difficult part of the homework. I discussed it with my therapist and he admits it is a difficult part of my homework for the week.

Thank you for reading. Have a great Friday. Peace Out, World!!!

Evening Ramblings

Good Evening, World. Right now I am just fighting through some anxiety. Anxiety that is being reduced my Lil Gertie. I’m going to be seeing my therapist tomorrow and we will be discussing my anxiety and how my cat has been helping reduce the symptoms of it.

As you may know if you read my blog regularly I am using advertisements to earn some extra money. They will not pay you till you hit at least one hundred dollars. All I made for the month of April is nine dollars and seventy four cents. Well, at least it is a start. A start in the right direction.

Today, I adulted. I paid most of my June bill already. The only thing I have to pay is my credit card bill and I can do that tomorrow. Being responsible with paying on bills is always a good thing. I also but kitty litter and food for Lil Gertie. I also got her a bed to sleep in. It will go on the end of my bed at night and next to my chair during the day.

I have been doing a lot of scrap booking today. I painted a picture in my scrap book just for the hell of it. It is my scrap book to help me remember the events of my life so why not remember painting.

I think I am going to go now. Have a great day. Peace Out World!!!

Middle of the Night Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! I just got done watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He is a very funny person. I am planning on going to bed within the next hour. Lil Gertie is smack dab in the middle of my bed. If she is still there when I go to be, I will move her.

I am planning on watching M*A*S*H after I am done blogging. Watching something that is a comedy or has humor involved helps with my anxiety especially before bed. Some how laughter helps me sleep.

I haven’t really done much all day as I didn’t have much planned but an interview that got cancelled. It was a nice and relaxing day for me. I read a great deal. I read about Buddhism. I also read Buddhist Scriptures.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and Peace Out, World!!!

Fun Doesn’t = Anxiety

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am sitting here blogging as I watch The Ellen Show on television. Lil Gertie is sitting by my side purring. I have been having anxiety all day and Lil Gertie has been helping. Watching Ellen is proven to be helpful as well. It has proven to be helpful due to the fact she is funny as hell. I would love to be in the audience of the Ellen Show but fear being on television.

I have been working on my scrapbook a great deal today. It is starting to come along. I am looking forward to showing it to people including my therapist. Since my therapist is new to me, showing him a scrap book of what is important to me might help him get to know me a little bit more. Scrap booking is like painting for me. It is a way to express my emotions.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Late Morning Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! I am a little disappointed as I went to my job interview and it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because one of the interviewers wasn’t there due to a family emergency. So, the interview got rescheduled for next Monday.

Now that I am home, I have been scrap booking. I have been adding pictures of Lil Gertie as well as Wonder Woman items. So, I have been adding two of my favorite things; my cat and my favorite super hero. I love to scrap book.

Lil Gertie has been helpful to me regarding my anxiety today. Not job interview anxiety but anxiety as a whole. Anxiety that appears to be reduced by Lil Gertie.

I think I am going to get going. Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!

Cat + Scrap Booking = Helping Anxiety

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am struggling the moment however Lil Gertie is helping me through the struggle. She is sitting next to me purring up at storm. She knows when to come up to me when my anxiety is acting up.

I having been scrap booking about Lil Gertie. I have added pictures to a SMASH scrap book / journal type thing and writing about Lil Gertie. I have been adding other things to the scrap book as well but so far it appears to be mainly Lil Gertie in it at the moment.

Scrap booking and Lil Gertie appear to be helping with my anxiety at the moment. Both also appear to be helping with the symptoms of PTSD as well.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out World!!!