A Brief Post

Hello, World!!! I am a little sad at the moment. I am missing my grandma a great deal at the moment. I wish she was here to give me some advice or at least for her to tell me that everything is going to be okay even I already know that but don’t feel like it.

On the plus side my new weighted blanket is really helping at the moment. I was skeptical when I bought it and now I am convinced that it is worth the money I spent on it. I highly recommend getting one if you have anxiety. Not sure about the sleep part of the help yet, as I haven’t been to bed yet.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Nothing but Just a Bunch of Rambling

Good Afternoon, World!!! First and fore most I am having anxiety as Social Security informed me that I am “no longer disabled” and are discontinuing money that I worked hard for. They are also telling me I owe them money when I told them of the over-payment to begin with. I am having really high anxiety over this yet I can not do anything about it till I go into the office about it. I plan on going on Monday as I am sure tomorrow will be busy as it is the day after everyone gets paid. I may have anxiety over it but there is nothing I can really do right now.

I am also really sad right now because I am missing my grandma. I miss her and I know she would tell me everything is going to work out. I just have to remember that. I know she is watching over me and will want me to not worry about the Social Security.

The one thing that is helping is helping is something I just got from Amazon which is a weighted blanket. It is helping with everything that is going on for me at the moment. I am sweating by the weighted blanket. It is quite helpful.

I also saw my therapist today. I discussed with him my social security issue and he is going to help me the best he is able to do. I then checked in with him about a half an hour ago to inform him about how the weighted blanket is being of major help and how I wasn’t expecting till tomorrow. He really wants to help me the best he way is able to do so.

Thank you so for reading my blog. It mean the world!!! Peace Out, World!!!

A Happy Little Post

Good Morning, World!!! I am sitting here trying to figure out what to blog about. I did finally get some sleep last night. I actually got five hours of sleep and for me that is a lot of sleep. I am not complaining about it as I am thrilled about it.

My anxiety isn’t as bad as it has been and I think it has something to do with the sleep I got last night. Not having as much anxiety has me thrilled as well.

That is my happy little post. Thank you for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!