Cat Therapy = Waiting For My Therapist

Hello, World!!! I have been so high anxiety that my therapist is coming to see me later on today. He is an amazing therapist. Part of the reason he is coming is the anxiety but the other is to meet my cat. Yes, he will have another clinician with him which is I think an awesome idea for ethical reasons. In fact he asked if his supervisor could come because she wants to meet Lil Gertie as well. They are also coming to make sure I am keeping my apartment clean which I am doing.

Lil Gertie has be quite helpful for me in regards to my Anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Its like she has a sixth sense of knowing when I am having and flashback and body memory. She comes up to me and snuggles with me. She woke me up from a nightmare by licking my nose. So she is very aware of what is going on with the PTSD side of things. I love Lil Gertie so much.  She knows when to help me.

Thanks so much for reading. It means a great deal to me. Have a great day to everyone of you. Peace Out, World!!!


Furry Friend, Wake Up Call

Good Morning, World!!! I, once again got woken up buy Lil Gertie with her licking me smack dab on the nose. I have an inkling this is going to be an everyday or almost everyday occurrence. I have this inkling because she has done it two days in a row now.

Today, I am have two appointments. One with my therapist and one with someone with the vocational team at the mental health agency I am client of.  I am of course going to be discussing my new cat with my therapist. I will be discussing employment with him as well as with the vocational person.

I should get going as Lil Gertie is trying to get my attention. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!