Waking Up To A Furry Friend

Good Morning, World!!! I woke up this morning with Lil Gertie licking me smack dab on my nose. It shocked the hell out of me but it was the cutest thing ever. She is now taking a nap. She was sure active this morning. I am going to be posting some more pictures I took.

20180520_230659The above picture is of Lil Gertie laying down on her favorite chair looking at my at something. I think it might be my computer as it was playing some good music.

20180520_230742The above picture is that of Lil Gertie licking her paw.

20180521_064211The above picture is of Lil Gertie looking all pretty. I think she is posing a little bit.

I love my new kitty cat. Thank you for reading and putting up with the pictures. Have a wonderful week at work to those who work. Peace Out, World!!!


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