The Never Ending Monday

Good Evening, World!!! It has been quite a Monday. A Monday that appears to be never ending especially when it comes to my health care. Due to the health care concerns I am having which thankfully is not dental related, I am staying with my family. My neighbor is watching my cat, Lil Gertie. Since I am staying with my grandpa and uncle due to my health, I am well enough and not contagious that I am able to make them dinner. I am making them spaghetti.

I was suppose to have therapy today but I cancelled due to my health problems. I did talk to my therapist briefly today. He is concerned with how my health isn’t doing all that well. We also discussed how it is affecting my mental health. After a short twenty minute talk we discussed plans about rescheduling our appointment for Wednesday.

Now it is time to figure out a regular blogging schedule as I have lapsed in my regular blogging experiences.  For me blogging is part of being a community and community is important to me.

Now its time for me to finish dinner. After dinner, I’ll be doing some art. Specifically, I will be coloring mandala’s. It is quite soothing to me.

Thank you for reading. Have a good evening and hope you Monday turned out better than mine did. I am feeling better. Peace Out, World!!!

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