A Sleepless Kind of Night in Seattle

Good Morning, World from Seattle, Washington. I have yet been to sleep and it is 6:12 in the blasted morning here in Seattle. I am proud to say that the lack of sleep helped me be productive in ways I have been so the last few times Mr. Sandman has not exactly stopped at my home.

I started reading a book and read six chapters in it. It is quite an interesting book. I then picked up another book a read four chapters in that book. My dilemma is now what book I am going to focus on reading. Both books are quite interesting. I know there a bigger problems in the world that figuring out what book to read like being able to get to sleep.

I decided to do some art work. Specifically, I did some coloring that was not even a quarter done when I started coloring it tonight. Well, I can officially say that it is one hundred percent done and it only took me three and a half hours to finish. You would think that would have helped me get to sleep but sadly it did not.

So, I did decided to read some magazines about both mindfulness and meditation that included journaling. I found this extremely helpful to me. As it appeared to be the second best thing to help me relax. The first thing that of course helped me relax and that is finally making me tired is my cat, Billie Dean. I love my cat Billie so much. Life would not be the same with out him.

I don’t have much more to say in this post except thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciated that you read my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my hear for reading my blog. Have a great Saturday day ahead of you. Peace Out, World!!!


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