Looks Like No Sleep For Me

Hello, World!!! It is exactly twelve midnight in my corner of the world. I am having trouble sleeping once again. Which is no surprise to me. I suspect that recent trauma as well as insomnia are the culprits once again.

It looks like I will be doing what works best for me to help with the anxiety I deal with when I am unable to sleep.  Tonight I think I’ll read. I am not sure if I’ll be reading Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb or Wonder Woman comic books. I’m most likely going to end up reading both.

Another thing I am most likely going to do if I have yet another sleepless night is my workbooks. Most likely the mindfulness workbook as I did my other workbook last night. Mindfulness has been quite helpful for me and my recovery.

Thank you for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

No Sleep In Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! It is 5:30 in the morning in my part of the world. I still haven’t been able to get to sleep which is quite annoying for me.

I have spent most of the night working on my workbooks. Workbooks that deals with my gender identity as well as a workbook dealing with mindfulness. Both workbooks are quite helpful to me. I like the fact that I can do workbooks as part of my recovery process. Some folks look down on doing workbooks as part of ones recovery and in a way I understand however I don’t supplement it for therapy as I go to therapy on the regular basis. I am just grateful that I am able use the workbooks to assist with my recovery. I actually discuss what I do in the workbooks with my therapist. In fact most workbooks actually suggest that you do so.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!


Sleepless in Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! I am having trouble sleeping once again. Insomnia sucks shit. I think part of it has to do with a recent trauma I experienced however insomnia is nothing new for me.

I think I am going to do one of my workbooks. I just don’t know which one I want do after I am done blogging. I don’t know if I should do the one on Mindfulness or the one about Resiliency and Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation. Both would be quite helpful to me at the moment. I think I’m going to flip a coin for this one and choose that way.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! I realized that I didn’t do my weekly check for last week however I know what got in the way and will work on to make sure things don’t get in the way again. Yes, I realize life happens when I won’t be able to blog at time but I know what got in the way and will do may very best to let it not get in the way again.

My birthday was on Wednesday and I went into hang out at the mental health clubhouse before my appointment with Gilbert. Well, I let my emotions get the better of me and had an emotional outburst directed toward another client. A client that was being quite discriminatory toward my gender identity and sexual orientation. This person kept using the wrong pronouns toward me as well. Unfortunately, my emotions got the better of me and I started screaming and yelling at the individual after this person to leave me alone after being asked several times. I got barred for two days and I think it should have been longer. The other individual in the incident got a two day bar as well however it started a day after mine started.

I’m not happy with my behavior and have amped up my mindfulness practice as I feel it will help me. Help me regulate to regulate the emotions that get the best of me. Mindfulness has always helped me regulate my emotions.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!

Finding the Hope in the Little Things

Good Afternoon, World!!! The last year and a half has been quite the struggle for me yet every time I feel like I am making some ground something trips me up. Sort of like tripping over the other shoe dropping.

Yet when I am tripping over the other shoe dropping, I tend to find the hope in the little things. Little things like reading a book or listening to my favorite music or even creating art. Yes, all the above mentioned give me hope yet something else gave me the hope I needed for this moment in time

That hope came from the two workbooks I am doing. One is about resiliency regarding my sexual orientation of being a pansexual and gender identity of being a non-binary, gender fluid individual. The other workbook is on mindfulness. So the workbooks I am doing on resiliency on who I am with my gender identity and sexual orientation as well as being mindful of being in the moment is what is giving me hope. Hope of who I am as an individual despite tripping over the other shoe dropping.

Thank you for reading. It is much appreciated from my end. Peace Out, World!!!

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! I haven’t had the best of weeks. I’m just briefly checking in for the moment as I’m having a slightly rough go at it. I didn’t get much sleep again last night except it wasn’t because of insomnia. It was because I experienced yet another trauma. A trauma that I most likely will not discuss with you or at least in the current future.

I think I am going to work on my mindfulness workbook to help me get back into the right state of mind. Something else that will be helpful is to look over my DBT homework that I did last night and isn’t due to Friday.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 14: Recreate A Single Day

Today’s assignment is to recreate a single day. I’m not sure if I like this particular assignment as I don’t necessarily want to recreate a single day. If I were to recreate a single day then I wouldn’t be mindful of the present moment. As much as recreating a positive day I would relive a negative one as well.

I guess, what I am saying is every moment I have experienced in life is what made me who I am today. Yes, I would like to relive or recreate moments or even days however that means I would have to relive situations I don’t want to relive.

Now that I am off of my soapbox thank you for reading. It is appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!