The Start of the 2021 Holiday Season

Happy Hanukkah, World!!! Yesterday evening (Sunday, November 28, 2021) was the start of Hanukkah. I am personally not Jewish and I enjoy the meaning of the holiday as it was a miracle. Don’t know what to say as a non Jewish person but I do know it was a miracle and wouldn’t be able to share the story of the miracle which deserves some who is more familiar to share the miracle. Happy Hanukkah to the readers who are Jewish.

Honestly, this past week has been both emotionally and physically draining for me. It was physically draining for me because deep cleaned the bathroom as I let it get really gross and disgusting. Cleaning helped me feel a since of accomplishment even though I missed my cat, Billie Dean wasn’t around to “help” me with cleaning which isn’t helpful so he went my grandpa’s as I cleaned the bathroom as well a couple of corners in my living room.

The physical stuff was due to cleaning. The emotional stuff was missing my grandma almost four years ago as well as loosing my last cat Lil Gertie two years ago which landed on Thursday, November 28, 2019 which happened to be Thanksgiving Day that year (2019). The other emotion stuff was attending a goodbye dinner for my cat’s Billie’s last vet, Dr. B. Sadly, she had to make a tough decision close forever.

Speaking of vets, Billie Dean saw his new vet today. He tolerated a couple of things and I think that is a good thing. This vet and I are going to do our best to keep Billie a healthy quality of life which is why this vet wants to see Billie twice a year. When I adopted Billie, I knew there were dental issues and upper respiratory infection (URI). So, I knew there were going to be issues. I’m happy that I made the decision to have Dr. B (Billie’s old vet) take some bloodwork done while Billie was under to get his teeth cleaned. I really miss Dr. B even though the new vet is great. Billie was not quite sure of the new vet but sure in the hell impressed with her.

In fact I partly took today off from work to take care of Billie. The other part was give me some me time. Me time was taking Billie to meet his new vet who is awesome. The other me time I have been doing is spending time with Billie while I do some art while listening to Christmas music. I think it’s okay to place Christmas music now that Thanksgiving is over.

I know there are many other holidays this time of year and hope to find the time to blog about them. I don’t want to exclude out when it comes to holidays being celebrated. I want to make sure I can learn about other religions so I can share about them when it is time to celebrate them. I will do my best to post other holidays celebrate this time of year.

I don’t have much more to say in this particular blog post. I just want to thank you for reading my blog as if you weren’t I would not be writing it. I really appreciate you the read my blog as if it wasn’t for you I would not be writing it. Again, thank you from the bottom of my hear for reading my blog. Happy Hanukkah and Peace Out, World!!!


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