A Disturbing Way to Start a New Year by Coloring; Do a Disney Horror Coloring Book

Saw fart this is what I have what I have done with my start of my Disney Horror coloring books.

So, I ordered a morbid Disney graphic coloring book off of Amazon to have as I have love hate with relationship with Disney. I was going to see if my clients would want to do them as well. I quickly realized it would not be great for my clients to do. So I am have decided I will work on this particular horrific Disney coloring book myself and share my progress with you my reader. So here is the start of the first picture. I hope you like it so far. It will get more morbid as I do more pictures. I hope I can share this on a regular basis as I am sure the farther along I get in the coloring book the more morbid it gets. This is not the Disney I knew growing up near Disneyland. I’m pretty sure this is not the Disney any of knew in our childhood.

I don’t know have much more to say expect to say thank you for reading my blog plots. I appreciate it from my things that you read blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader I wouldn’t be writing my blog. Thank you again from reading my blog.. Peace Out, World!!!


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