Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! It is that time to do my weekly check-in. This is something I enjoy doing for many reasons. Overall, this past week has been great despite the lack of sleep I have had due to insomnia. Insomnia sucks hard core.

Even though, I have had trouble sleeping a good portion of the week, work went quite well. I received some awesome feedback from my supervisor on how to deal with some challenging clients. Granted it was hard to take feedback but awesome. My supervisor is awesome. I also received great feedback from my supervisor during our team meeting which was hard to take in as I am use to taking praise especially in front of other people.

My twice daily mindfulness meditation practices are going quite well. Actually, I do three a day five days a week when I work as I do one mid-day to help myself refocus and to lessen stress especially if it has been an unusually stressful day at work. The extra mindfulness meditation practice during my work day actually focuses on work related stress. So, basically I do two mindfulness meditation practices twice a week and three mindfulness meditation practices five times a week. Sometimes I do more if I feel like I need to.

My cat, Billie Dean of course has been a love bug and quite awesome. Billie helped me quite a bit with my anxiety attacks regarding unexpected anxiety provoking events. Events that were eventually dealt with.

That is my weekly check-in for the week. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


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