Nothing But Random Shit

As I sit here at my laptop, I am straining to blog about something profound but my mind is drawing a blank. A blank I wish I wasn’t having but I am okay with that. I’m okay with it because its not worth getting frustrated, annoyed or upset over. There are more pressing things to be frustrated, annoyed or upset over and none of which I really want to discuss at this moment.

I do know I am looking forward to spending time with a friend and her (adult) son this afternoon. My friends son is visiting from out of town and wants to see the sights so we are going to one major tourist attraction to eat even though I personally think it is overly priced because the food isn’t all that great. You can get better tasting food at Red Robin and for half the price. I guess, ultimately you are paying for an awesome few and it being a “famous landmark.”

I have to do laundry later on and hate doing it. That reminds me that I need to get quarters so I can do laundry. I know that doing laundry is apart of everyday life and am grateful for being able to do my own laundry. I know that there are people out there in the world who are not able to do their own laundry due to a various of reasons. As much as I don’t like doing laundry I am grateful that I am able to do it.

This year summer has been amazing weather wise. I love the weather that has been in my neck of the woods despite officially being in a drought and the massive fires that are happening that have already killed three firefighters. It breaks my heart that three brave heroes lost their lives. They were doing a job many people are not able to do. It also breaks my heart because I know how tight nit the firefighting community is because Junior is a firefighter.

I’m looking at the time and realize I need to get going. I need to go and meet up with my friend and her son. Happy Friday!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone and peace out!!


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