A Way To Earn Some Money

Good Morning, World!!! As you may have noticed, there are now advertisements (aka ads) on my blog. This is a way for me to earn some extra money. I don’t know how it exactly works as this is my first month do it and I get paid through PayPal. I’m still trying figure out if it is even worth it for both you my reader(s) and myself. I know for me when I read something online I hate ads because they are annoying as hell yet I understand that people need to make extra cash. What do you my reader think about the ads? How do you feel about the ads? Your input will help me make a decision to keep them or not keep them. The other part of my decision in this is about how much I earn as well.

I figure if earning money and getting it through PayPal will help me out with my online purchases. I say this as I am not a big fan of online shopping but there art supplies as well as other stuff that I can only get online. The online shopping experience seems a bit impersonal for me and sometime what you get isn’t always what you were expecting when it comes to what it looks like online.

I am also thinking about selling some of my art as a way to earn some extra money. My art isn’t all that great but I am sure someone would want it at some point. Not sure if I would sell my art online.

I’m thinking that depending on how much money I make blogging and the possibility of selling my art in starting a small business. Again this is just an idea and most likely wont happen. I am just trying to figure out ways to make money.

Thank you for reading. Happy Friday the 13th. Peace Out, World!!!


4 responses to “A Way To Earn Some Money

  1. Typically, you get paid either if someone simply clicks the ad or if they purchase through your ad. Most likely, it’s the latter. Check out Amazon Turk. You do tasks and get paid certain amounts per task. I use it to buy on Amazon. I don’t like ads. I’ve never felt I made enough with them.

    I prefer online shopping. I really don’t like noisy, busy stores or small talk with people. Those fluorescent lights reflecting off the shiny floor, music playing on top of chatter and cash register noise. I just get overwhelmed. Then, there’s being approached by beggars in the parking lot and cars and people coming from all directions. I’d rather avoid all that when possible.

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