A Woe-Is-Me Moment

Good Evening, World!!! I am having a woe is me moment. I have been on Facebook a lot lately and well it feels like that everyone else have some major accomplishments in their lives. I know realistically that I have accomplishments in my life. It just  feels like I have nothing to show for my life.

The above woe is me moment is due to seeing other peoples successes and accomplishments on Facebook. This can be quite dangerous for me. I tend to compare myself to others which means I become really hard on myself. Being really hard on myself is not a good thing.

I need to be me and no one else. Thank you for reading my woe is me moment. Peace Out, World!!!

3 responses to “A Woe-Is-Me Moment

  1. It can be hard not to compare ourselves with others on social media. But, we have to try to remember that people only share the best parts of their lives. I had this same problem and felt depressed, lonely, and inadequate. I started reading how social media can actually cause this and many other mental issues and how many started feeling better after leaving Facebook. It can be hard to do and you must weigh the pros and cons. You may feel out of the loop and the last to know things. But, if the pros outweigh the cons, as they did for me, you might consider it. But, even leaving can cause some withdrawal symptoms. I haven’t been on any type of social media for over a year. I only use blogs, texts, email, phone calls, snail mail, face to face, etc. No Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Google+, etc. I do use Pinterest though. But, there’s very little to no interaction there, just pretty pictures to organize. Talk to your mental health provider first if you think it might be a good idea for you. Even a temporary break could help.

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