Nothing But Cat & Therapy Talk

Good Morning, World!!! Lil Gertie has been keeping me busy and has been helping me through some rough moments. Moments I don’t want to discuss at the moment.

I saw my therapist yesterday and he really cares. He is concerned about me but thinks that Lil Gertie is being of help to me. He is now seeing me twice a week to help reduce the anxiety I have been dealing with lately. One session is going to be here at home and the other is going to be in the office. We are going to try doing this for about six weeks to see how it goes.  It is a type of exposure therapy he is going to be trying with me.

Lil Gertie takes great pictures if she would stay still long enough. I will post more sometime over the weekend. She really is a sweet cat. A cat that appears to be perfect for me.

Thank you for reading. Have wonderful three day weekend all. Peace Out, World


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